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Oven Stories  (Wood burning brick oven pictures and stories)

Pictures and information on outdoor kitchen - wood burning brick pizza ovens that people have built using this site for helpful information.  If you have used this site to help you build and use your oven, send me some pictures and stories and I will add the information to this web page.   Happy cooking! 


  •  Wood burning brick pizza oven construction and initial use video.  This is a super short video from a builder of an outdoor kitchen that used some information from this site and advice to help build his own creation. It is great example of how creative people are in taking plans and ideas from others, to create a unique outdoor cooking center, incorporating a wood burning oven.   I just love the pizza song used in the video! 

  •  Wood burning brick pizza oven under construction in Australia:

This is a work still in progress. Updated 12/2007.  Interesting in the approach and amount of insulation in the hearth.  Recent postings in various web forums are talking about adding during construction, or retrofitting existing ovens with more insulation in the hearth.   Stay tuned for more pictures.

wood burning oven australia

base of wood oven australia



  • Sean - USA -  Wood burning brick oven in an outdoor kitchen configuration.  Great concept and layout.

iphone pictures wood oven



  • Steve - USA

The approach used in this wood burning brick oven is one of my favorites, and one I think I will try and do sometime. If you have some kind of natural grade, you can eliminate the support structure and build directly at a good (usable) level leveraging a natural hill or other elevation.  Great job.  Thanks for sharing.

hiliside wood burning brick oven

Additional pictures of the wood burning brick pizza oven, after some more work on finishing details.

finished wood burning brick oven

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